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ACCCA (A Combined Clinical Concept Annotator) is a UIMA-based combination system for clinical record concept annotation. It can annotate clinical concepts with 3 concept types: problem, treatment, and test.


Currently ACCCA combines 6 systems (ABNER 1.5, Lingpipe 3.8, OpenNLP Chunker 2.1, JNET 2.3, Peregrine 2009, StanfordNER 1.1), and has been trained on the training corpus of the 2010 i2b2/VA clinical record concept annotation challenge. ACCCA combines the annotations of the different systems using a simple voting scheme to establish a combined annotation. We participated in the i2b2 clinical record concept annotation challenge, and ranked third out of 22 teams (F-score 82.2% for exact match, 90.6% for inexact match).

ACCCA is written in Java (1.6). It provides an online web service, supports a training mode, and allows users to easily add more systems in the combination framework. The system is open source and can be downloaded below.

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Citing ACCCA: If you have used ACCCA in your study, please cite:

Ning Kang, Zubair Afzal, Bharat Singh, Erik M. van Mulligen, and Jan A. Kors. Using an ensemble system to improve concept extraction from clinical records. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 2012

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